Tuesday/Thursday Program

So, you love the idea of a hybrid school, but are a little overwhelmed about meeting your child’s academic needs on the off days.

Or maybe your schedule demands a 5 day school week for your student.

KB Academy offers the opportunity to add Tuesdays and Thursdays to your student’s academic program to “lighten the load” at home.

Our well-trained KB Academy teachers work with students in micro-sized classrooms assisting students through completing their Tuesday/Thursday assignments. This provides a normal school day atmosphere for our students who thrive on consistency and routine in their academic environment. A set schedule each day will incorporate all the fabulous aspects of our Academy days like small class sizes, collaborative peer work time, independent work time, hands on learning, flexible seating, access to the KB Kave, lunch, recess/brain breaks, time for building friendships.  In KB style, students will be encouraged to advocate for themselves and have pull-out tutoring (if enrolled in that program).

Tuesday/Thursday Snapshot

Start of Day

  • Car Line Drop-off 8:45 - 9:00 AM

K-Time/Movement Time

  • Short Devotional
  • Pledge to the American Flag & Bible
  • Team Building & Active Games

Academic Time

  • Morning Academic Time (Math, English Literature, Writing & Grammar)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Academic Time (Science, History, & Bible)
  • Lunch Time
  • Daily wrap up (Executive Functioning Practice)
    • Reviewing assignments, organizing our items, organizing our minds

End of Day

  • School-wide Clean Up
    • Students assist with cleaning the building before leaving

Car Line Dismissal

  • 3:45 - 3:55 PM

Tuesday/Thursday Info

Who is the Tuesday/Thursday program great for?

  • Families with multiple children
  • Families that want extra teacher assistance for their student(s)
  • Families where parents need to work on the normal at home days (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • Families whose students prefer to work with their peers

How do I enroll my child in KB Academy’s Tuesday/Thursday learning option?

  • Apply to enroll in KB Academy.
  • Complete the Student Interview. Once KB is determined to be a good fit for your student, you will be given the opportunity to enroll in KB Academy.

When enrolling in KB Academy, select “Tuesday/Thursday learning option” on your enrollment form!

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