Pre-K Program

KB Academy is excited to offer a Pre-Kindergarten program!  Our Pre-K program is designed around the heartbeat that students are made to learn through movement, experiencing the world around them and falling in love with learning.  Pre-K sets the stage for deeper learning to carry your child through all the remaining academic years.

In-School Daily Snapshot

Start of Day

  • Car Line Drop-off 8:45 - 9:00 AM

K-Time/Movement Time

  • Short Devotional
  • Pledge to the American Flag & Bible
  • Team Building & Active Games

Academic Time

  • Group Time (Math, English, Science)
  • Activity Centers (Math, English, Science, Art, Bible)
  • Snack
  • Recess
  • Lunch Time
  • Rest time/quiet play time
  • Physical, Social & Emotional development centers
  • Recess

End of Day

  • School-wide Clean Up
    • Students assist with cleaning the building before leaving

Car Line Dismissal

  • 3:45 - 3:55 PM

Pre-K learning

Biblical Development:

  • Each student knows they are a unique creation loved by Jesus
  • They learn who Jesus is and why He died for their sins
  • We worship Jesus through song, dance, movement, our words, and our choices
  • They join the student body in memorizing our chosen scripture verse each month

Academic Development:

  • Identify and write the ABC’s, numbers 1-10, their first and last name
  • Identify and use shapes and colors
  • Count aloud 1-20, skip count through rote memory by 2’s, 10’s
  • Explore creation through hands-on experiments designed to stir wonder and awe in their hearts
  • Create art using varied mediums designed to foster creativity, strengthen fine motor skills and integrate multi-sensory learning

Physical, Social & Emotional Development:

  • Develop strong friendships & be a good friend
  • Ask for needs/wants, share, care and collaborate
  • Understand feelings, what they mean, how to communicate them appropriately
  • Develop strong bodies through outdoor play and targeted exercises to strengthen their core muscles
Pre-K students must be:
  • Age 4, by August 1st
  • Fully potty-trained

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