Konnect in Kare (KIK) Program

A mom helping out in a class with young kids

Each family at KB Academy is an integral part of their child's educational journey. We desire for parents to collaborate with us as a school to provide the highest level of education possible. The KIK Program allows families to support their child's educational process and KB Academy. Each family is required to provide KIK hours.

​Single-parent households provide 12 KIK hours a year while dual-parent households provide 24 KIK hours a year.

KIK hours can be attained in multiple ways, some of the most common are: Lunch Monitor, Science Assistant, Teacher's Helper, Parent Life Organizer, or Purchasing Supplies from the KB wish list ($10 of supplies = 1 KIK hour).

A detailed list of ways you can support your child and KB Academy will be provided to families upon enrollment.

​**Options for full-time working parents are available.**

Parent Resourses