Kinetic Bridges Academy

Private - Christian - Hybrid

What Is Kinetic Bridges?

At Kinetic Bridges Academy, we believe in following Jesus with all that we are and using the unique abilities and gifts He has given us. We help students grow through our rich learning environment, deep relationships, and encouragement to be who Jesus created them to be. We educate children academically, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Two children writing on a whilteboard

Joyful Collaboration

Happy young girl holding a rabbit

Relentless Optimism

Three teenaged boys dissecting a frog

Creative Focus

Kinetic Bridges is a biblically based non-profit Christian school dedicated to reaching children and encouraging them to be who the Lord made them to be. We are governed by a Board of Directors who lead Kinetic Bridges under the word of God, our adopted by-laws, statement of faith and beliefs, mission, and vision. The goal of Kinetic Bridges is to teach students to grow academically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be all that the Lord has called them to be. Kinetic Bridges employs degreed educators with a passion to see students succeed. We encourage, advise, and teach students while taking into account their unique abilities and gifts. We have a culture of Joyful Collaboration, Relentless Optimism and Creative Focus to help students achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Kinetic Bridges is a Christian program striving to reach students through a private Christian school, and summer tutoring program. We create a unique learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential. Kinetic Bridges exists to empower children to become confident learners by partnering with parents and using targeted support focused on each child’s unique learning style. We believe that by teaching students to Advocate for themselves and Believe in their created purpose they become Conquerors.

Our Story

You never know how the Lord will work when he connects two people and our story is certainly a testimony to that fact! Having met over 20 years ago in college and then losing touch, the Lord reconnected us through our teenage daughters.

Between our experiences with teaching in a private school, and having kids in private schools we both understand the extra effort and daily journey of trying to help your child succeed in today's world. Kinetic Bridges is not just a dream, it's a vision and calling. We have designed a program that will not only provide children strong academics to help them succeed, but also help teach them to follow Jesus and use the unique abilities and gifts He has given them.